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Service Profile

Our aim is to become an important infrastructure for global society, and to be the best partner with customers by providing the high-quality logistics services based on customer first policy.

Dry Bulk Service

Our Raw Material Bulk Carrier service has been developing the global business activities by providing marine transport service for various raw materials such as bituminous coal for power plants and iron ore for steel manufactures. In particular, our service plays an important role in stable power supply under the certain situation of increasing demand every year for the bituminous coal in domestic power plants. We provide our valuable and best service to the domestic and overseas shippers/consignees, not only for the steel products such as steel plate, coil, pipe, H-beam etc. but also for the various kinds of dry bulk cargoes such as grain, pulp etc.

Fleet Status

As of December 2017, total 260 dry bulk vessels are being operated and composition of fleet size is as below mentioned.

Contact PIC
Deputy Group Manager Mr. S.S.Lee (Sylvester Lee) TEL : +82-2-397-8252 lee.sungsu@kr.kline.com
Team Manager Mr. Y.J.Kim (Andy Kim) TEL : +82-2-397-8257 kim.youjong@kr.kline.com
A. Manager Ms. D.Y.Lee (Sally Lee) TEL : +82-2-397-8258 lee.dayun@kr.kline.com
Ms. H.J.Song (Juliet Song) TEL : +82-2-397-8255 song.hyunjung@kr.kline.com