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Our aim is to become an important infrastructure for global society, and to be the best partner with customers by providing the high-quality logistics services based on customer first policy.


We provide one stop service from shipper's door to your destination with prompt and accurate international transportation. 
In order to provide the Total Logistics Solution, we are constantly working to arrange such as the shipment pick up , international transportation, insurance, storage and delivery until shipper's cargo is taken over and delivered to the consignee, Door to Door service.

International Transportation

We provide all types of services Air Import, Air Export, Ocean Import, Ocean Export, Bulk, Project cargo, frozen, refrigerated cargo, DG etc with prompt and accurate international transportation through global network. Also, we are committed to reduce customer logistics costs and time based on its best route with competitive and reasonable price.


We provide overall warehousing services such as ordering, inspection, storage, inbound/outbound management etc. We are committed to providing the satisfactory service by optimized system and facility to fit for customer needs.

Domestic transportation

We provide all domestic transportation services through our qualified trucking company to the customer's destination not only for general cargo but also DG, Special cargo etc by providing "customized service".  
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General Manager Ms. Y.R. Yun(Orchid Yun) TEL : +82-2-397-8211 yun.yeran@kr.kline.com
Main office SEOUL
Team Manager Mr. S.S. Park(Stanley Park) TEL : +82-2-397-8212 park.sungsoo@kr.kline.com
A.G.Manager Ms. S.J. Oh(Audrey Oh) TEL : +82-2-397-8219 oh.sookjin@kr.kline.com
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A.Manager Mr. S.C. Kim(Blake Kim) TEL : +82-2-397-8215 kim.seongcheol@kr.kline.com
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Ms. J.S. Kim (Jane Kim) TEL : +82-2-397-8223 kim.jisoo@kr.kline.com
Team Manager Mr.D.S. Han(Victor Han) Tel:+82-70-7162-8330 han.daesong@kr.kline.com
Manager Mr. M.K. Kim (Mickey Kim) Tel:+82-70-7162-8331 kim.minkee@kr.kline.com
A.Manager Ms. M.J. Park(Michelle Park) Tel:+82-70-7162-8316 park.mijin@kr.kline.com
Our goal is to be your best shipping and logistics partner and we look forward to working with you in future.