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Vision Concept

As a Korean subsidiary of the world-wide premier shipping company, "K"LINE with professional workforce to meet global standards, we have a vision that, not only aims to build corporate culture that offers self-respect and pride to its employee by creating a legitimate profit, observing social norm and regulation but also maximizes employee development.

Set-Up Direction

Improving Existing
Agency Business &
EDI Development

Improving Existing Agency Business & EDI Development
- To reinforce its core businesses including container, car-carrier and agency business
- To computerize and informationize all business-related data, and enhance efficiency and corporation relationship with all valued customers.

New Business

Developing New Business
- To expand its business field to Forwarding, Air, KLTL and Bulk shipping as part of its business diversification efforts and become a fully integrated logistics company being able to sincerely response to customer's requirement whenever and wherever.

Cultivating Human Resources

Cultivating Human Resources
- To provide employee a desirable workplace where they are educated globally and compete with each other in good faith, leading to reward and satisfaction.
- To develop and improve both working conditions and the working environment making employee have hopes and aspirations for the future.